San Marcos Pond Maintenance

San Marcos initially started to grow rapidly in 1956 when the first water from the Colorado River arrived. After the arrival of water, several small businesses started and the population increased to 2,500. In 1950, the first dirt was turned for the construction of Highway 78. San Marcos’ first high school was completed in June 1961. The city became incorporated on January 28, 1963. Through the 1960s, the City grew by a few thousand new residents, but in the 1970s San Marcos was flourishing as the third fastest-growing city in the state with a population of 17,479 by 1980. During the 1980s, San Marcos almost doubled its population to 33,800. Growth has continued to boom in San Marcos, and the present population of the City is at 82,743.

Pond owners in San Marcos know how easily a neglected pond can turn into a swamp. Underwater Environments Inc. can help maintain the quality of your pond and your fish with our maintenance program.

Underwater Environments Inc. has been maintaining ponds all over San Marcos for years. From simple water tests, to a complete pond teardown, our friendly staff can get the most out of your pond.

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