PondCare Ammonia Test

Item #:PCAM-S

Quickly & accurately measures the level of ammonia in pond water, reading levels from 0 ppm to 7 ppm. Makes 75 tests. Determines the level of toxic ammonia in both new & established ponds.

Ammonia is continuously produced from fish waste & urine, uneaten fish food & decaying plants & dead insects. Includes test solution, glass test tube w/ cap, color chart & instructions.

How often should I test for ammonia?
Regular testing is necessary to make sure the ammonia level is safe. Pond water should be tested for ammonia every other day when the pond is first set up, and once a week after the biological filter has been established (in about 4 to 6 weeks).
The ammonia level should always be zero once the biological filter is established.

My water garden has been set up for over five years and never had an ammonia problem. Now the ammonia test kit indicates an ammonia problem. Why?

There are several possible reasons for an ammonia surge in an established pond.

Can the ammonia test kit be used with ammonia removers?

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