Pond Shield Pond Armor

Pond Shield Pond Armor

Pond Shield is a non-toxic epoxy sealer (pond sealant) designed especially for koi ponds, water gardens, fountains, and waterfalls. This pond sealant’s strong but flexible nature resists mimicking hairline cracks that can form in concrete or masonry over time. Pond Shield is a NON-HAZMAT concrete pond sealant and costs less to ship too! Pond Shield can be applied by brush, roller or even spray. Apply the clear coat of Pond Shield concrete pond sealant over your waterfall (you can cover the rocks, motor, and cement because it is clear) and forget about leaks.

The epoxy pond liner sealant systems offer both strength and flexibility in a coating. Flexibility and strength that is tested down to -78° F, all the way up to 140° F, epoxy liner pond sealants have a proven record that speaks for itself. These are epoxy pond sealants that have been specifically designed to bond to porous or abraded materials. With a tensile bond strength that was found to be stronger than the internal strength of the concrete it was applied to, you can rest assured that your single coat of pond liner sealant will stick to what you apply it to.

There are other concrete pond sealant systems and coatings on the market, but what you get with our epoxy pond liner sealant system is peace of mind. This peace of mind comes from knowing you didn't pay outrageous prices for installation of your concrete pond sealant, or from knowing you didn't have to purchase anything extra like primers or thinners for your coating. Your peace of mind will also come from knowing that once our epoxy pond liner system is applied, you only spent about $1.24 per square foot and that your new epoxy pond liner sealant will be easy to maintain and provide you with the aesthetics you always wanted from your pond. That means no more unsightly folds or creases. You'll have a surface that algae just wipes right off of!

1 1/2 Quart Covers 60 sq ft at 10 mils thickness. This number is based on the surface not being rougher then 60 grit sand paper. Application instructions are included with every kit.

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