Matala EZ-Bio 20 Prefilter Double Core

Matala EZ-Bio 20 Prefilter Double Core
Item #:MT-EZBIO20

Easy-to-install pump pre-filter

Simple and effective biomechanical pre-filters improve pump performance. Prevents pump damage and flow reduction due to debris and clogs. Expandable units available in single or double Matala® filter media core for superior biological filtration. Universal barbed fittings accept 1" to 1-1/2" tubing or 1-1/2" MPT. The versatile EZ Bio Filter can be used as a biomechanical pre-filter for circulation pumps, filtration pumps, and water fountain pumps.

EZ Bio Filters Features

Improves Pump Efficiency:

Highly Efficient Filtration:

Easy to Install:

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