Kordon AmQuel Plus

Item #:AMQ-16
Item #:AMQ-1

Use AmQuel+ Plus for water changes, overcrowded aquariums and ponds, the control of toxic nitrogen compounds commonly found in water while the nitrogen cycle is established., as well as afterwards as nitrogen compounds accumulate in the aquarium and pond water.

AmQuel Plus eliminates nitate, nitrite, ammonia, chlorine and chloramines, increases the load of fishes that can be safety kept in shipping bags, does not interfere with the biological cycle, removes fishes' toxic pheromones and other toxic organics, does not affect the pH, is safe to use in ponds, freshwater, saltwater, reef and live rock aquariums.

AmQuel Plus will not harm biological filter beds or interfere with their activity. AmQuel Plus can reduce medication dyes such as malachite green methylene blue and potassium permanganate.

AmQuel Plus is compatible with all nitrite and nitrate test kits and ammonia test kits using Salicylate reagents.

Do NOT use with ammonia test kits using Nessler reagents (doing so will give you a false reading).

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