Koi Food

Koi Food

Improve Your Koi
Do not underestimate the importance of Koi fish food. A Koi's health and color is a direct result of their diet. Serious Koi hobbyists know that feeding their fish the best koi food such as Hikari Koi food and Hai Feng Koi food will maximize their fish's growth potential and color vibrancy.

When shopping for the best koi food it is important to find a balanced, nutritional diet regime full of proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Vitamin C, for example, is known for its ability to boost a fish's immune system.

"Feeding Time!"
Hand feeding your fish can create a bond between you and your Koi. Teach your fish to trust you by hand feeding your fish gently and slowly and at a designated time of the day. Establishing trust can be very helpful in identifying fish ailments as they will stay calm and be comfortable with your touch.

How Much Do I Feed?
Overfeeding is a common mistake. Koi and goldfish can digest both vegetable and animal matter and will try to ingest just about anything that can fit into their mouths. Koi do not have stomachs, so they have a hard time digesting large amounts of Koi fish food. Feed small handfuls, take your time feeding, and try to consistently feed them from the same area of the pond. Only feed your Koi fish what they can consume in about five minutes. During warmer summer months feed your fish sparingly but often, a daily regime is recommended for warmer water temps.

Uneaten Koi fish food can lead to a many problems such as a boost in nitrate levels, ph swings, cloudy water, algae growth, ammonia jumps, and most of all, a dirty pond.

Koi Food

Koi Fish Food - Hikari Color Enhancer, Staple and Wheat Germ, Manda Fu ,HiFeng,Aqua Master and Yamato Nishiki varieties of Koi Food

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