Fido Shock

Item #:FS-1

Fido Shock Pet Deterrent When nothing else will keep the predators away from your prize fish, you may want to resort to a Fido Shock electric fence system.

The fido Shock Pet Deterrent Kit uses a sharp 'snap' sound as it delivers a shock to whatever pest is unlucky enough to come into contact with it.

The voltage from the Fido Shock electric fence will not harm animals but it will definitely keep them away! The Fido-Shock Pet Deterrent Kit is ideal for keeping your pets, the neighbor's pets and small wild animals out of your pond, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, shrubs, garbage cans, walkways and porches, and it is quick and easy to install!

The Fido-Shock Pet Deterrent Kit is energy efficient. It delivers a mild but memorable shock to deter mischievous small animals. It plugs into a standard 110 volt household outlet. The water-tight plastic case ensures long life. It is a continuous output-type electric fence controller.

Fido-Shock Pet Deterrent Kit includes:

The Fido-Shock Pet Deterrent Kit comes with a 1 year manufacturer's limited warranty.

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