Del Mar Pond Maintenance

Let Us Care For Your Pond

Pond owners know how easily a neglected pond can turn into a swamp. We can help maintain the quality of your pond and your fish with our maintenance program..

Underwater Environments Inc. has been maintaining ponds all over San Diego county for years. From simple water tests, to a complete pond teardown, our friendly staff can get the most out of your pond.

Bring Your Pond To Life
Whether your pond is new or old our staff is trained for complete system installs, water treatments, system cleanings, pond resurfacing, koi medicating, aquatic plant maintenance, pvc fix. and all other pond ecosystem issues.

Maintenance Is Required
No matter what type of filtration system you have, you can not escape doing some sort of maintenance on your pond. Koi fish ponds are loving pets and need special attention. Filters need to be cleaned, pumps need to be checked, and water needs to be changed. We recommend a pond teardown once a year on all aquascape ponds.

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