Aquatic Plants and Supplies

Aquatic Plants not only add beauty, color and texture to your pond but they also act as secondary filters by naturaly absorbing essive nutrients and toxins through their extensive root systems.

We have hundreds of Bog and Marginal plants for the shallow edges of the pond as well as a wide assortment of lillies and lilly type aquatic plants

Our store is well stocked through the seasons with stunning Tropical lillies with their fragrant blossoms and interesting folage they are a great addition to the more shallow depths of your pond .

From the Maimi Rose with it's pronounced green and red striped leaves and fushia colored bloom to the sereated edges and long stemmed pink blossom of the A.Siebert variety.

Our Hearty lillies are some of the finest in the county ,they are well established and vigorus growers . The hearty lillies can be submurged up to 6' deep and come in a variety of colors from a deep red to a stunning vibrant yellow.

Just to keep your ponds edges interesting we like to also offer many different types of Marginal or Bog Plants that would go in the shallow areas of your pond.Plants like the aquatic sensitive plant .Children (and adults ) love to touch its leaves and watch them slowly close.

The Victorian lilly also calls interest to your eye with its enoumous leaves with their upward turned edges, spikey undersides and radiant white bloom.

Our Encinitas retail location can provide you with the products you need to help maintain your aquatic plants.We carry a large supply of Aquatic Planting Soil as well as a variety of planting tubs and baskets.

Aquatic fertalization is sometimes required for the heavy bloomers in you Water Garden. We carry two types of excellent fertalizer to keep your aquatic plants stunning all season long.

Come visit our beautiful North County location and check out our inventory.

Winston Company, Inc. CrystalClear fish pond maintenance line features a very high quality and diverse mix of pond products designed to assist or remedy any problem, such as sludge or sludge treatment, a pond enthusiast may encounter.

Crystal Clear is Winston Company's fastest growing product line to date. Unlike other water treatment chemicals Crystal Clear treats pond water with 100% natural and safe bacteria and enzymes to help provide the pond enthusiast with sparkling water all year long. Crystal Clear has long been the leader in pond water treatment within the discount pond supply retail market.

Amoung the Winston Products we have to offer are Thrive fertalizer tabs. They are an excellent aquatic fertalizer that the plant absorbs as it disolves, apply 2 tabs every 4 to 6 weeks to all of your blooming aquatic plants for stunning results.

We also offer Afid-X for control of the sometime pesky afids .Safe for all aquatic life when used as directed.

Check out our assortment of aquatic planting tubs , from 1/2 gallon size up to large lotus tubs.

Our very own Aquatic Master Gardner has mixed up an excellent aquatic soil great for all aquatic plants.We offer our soil in large and small bags.

Large Victorian or Platter Lilly .Great for larger ponds and lakes.

A beautiful mix of Tropical Lillies.

Mozaic Plant . A very unusual eye catcher for any pond.

We always have a wide variety of lillies to choose from when in season .

The Water Hawthorne are in they will give you winter coverage with a nice vanilla scent

The stunning Firefox Lilly........



Aquatic Plants and Supplies

The largest selection of Aquatic Plants in San Diego and North County Lotus, Tropical Water lilies and Hearty Water Lilies, Bog plants, Marginals Water Iris

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