Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II 30000 Pro

Item #:AU-30000P

The Ultima II aqua ultraviolet filter is specifically engineered to meet the environmental demands of aquatic life. Our patented Ultima aqua ultraviolet filter does the work of two, combining biological and mechanical filtration into one compact package.

The internal components of Ultima aqua ultraviolet filters are designed to accommodate high flow and heavy solids that occur naturally when aquatic life is present. The patented cyclonic action is generated by jets activated during the backwash cycle. This action blasts the media apart, then lifts and spins it, separating the waste and flushing it away.

Side Mount

The Ultima II patented tubular media design has the highest surface area on the market to grow beneficial bacteria. These bacteria break down fish waste, creating a safe healthy environment. During the backwash cycle, the media's design prevents clumping and protects beneficial bacteria. Independent laboratory and Field testing has shown the Ultima II aqua ultraviolet filter outperforms all other ultraviolet pond filters on the market.

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