Aqua Ultraviolet 400 Watt Viper

Aqua Ultraviolet 400 Watt Viper
Item #:AUV-V400
Item #:AUV-V400QS
Item #:AUV-V400RL

The 400 watt UV is for ponds from 14400 to 30000 gallons. Eradicates bacteria and creates clear water. Unit dimensions are 19.5"x8"x7.5" and weighs 16 lbs. Comes with 2" or 3 " inlet/outlet. Available in stainless steel housing.

When you need serious power, performance matters! The Viper SL Series is the most powerful and lowest flow loss UV on the market. No other UV comes close! The Viper SL delivers the clearest and healthiest water at awesome flow rates. Recommended for very large ponds or small lakes.

Professional installation only!

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