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Our Koi selection ranges from our exquisite Japanese Koi, hand selected each year from the Koi farms of Japan, to the imported Malayasian with their beautiful variety of Longfin Koi .We also have a wide variety of Domestic Koi all very healthy and colorful.

It's hard to believe it is time for Scott to leave for Japan for the 2016 fall harvest. He will be in Japan from Oct. 12 to the 20th. The fish will come in soon after that. We will keep you posted.

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Our design team can come in and make your pond look stunning with personalized care and enhance your ponds beauty with the wide selection of pond plants we have to choose from.

The shelves of our Store are stocked full of the products we know work. From bacteria to alge control we have it all. Pond Pumps of all sizes. Small and large Filtration Systems . Come on in and check it out.


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