Welcome to Underwater Environments San Diego counties largest dealer in Fine Japanese Koi and Aquatic Plants. We take pride in our beautiful retail location, where we have remained for almost 20 years through our dedication to customer service and our passion to give you the best pond experience possible.

When you step through the doors of our beautiful retail location or browse through the pages of our website we want you to realize what you can achieve if you follow our expert advice.

Our well experienced professional maintenance team will meet all of your own ponds needs. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the beauty of a well maintained pond cared for by the pond professionals at Underwater Environments.

Our Koi selection ranges from exquisite Japanese Koi, hand selected each year from the Koi farms of Japan, to the imported Malayasian with their beautiful variety of Longfin Koi .We also have a wide variety of Domestic Koi all very healthy and colorful.

At Underwater Environments not only are we the experts on Koi fish, Koi ponds, Koi pond filters and Koi pond pumps! We specialize in Koi and aquatic plants, and have all the information, products and services you need to keep your Koi fish happy and healthy and maintain a clean, clear and harmonious Koi fish pond.

Though Koi and Goldfish are extremely hearty and relatively easy to care for, it is very important to keep a watch on their environment in the Koi Pond to keep them at their healthiest.

Please explore our website to find the information you need to create ideal Koi ponds for your Koi companions. Be sure to check out our Koi pond filters and Koi pond pumps pages for the best tips on keeping your Koi fish pond beautiful and algae free..

We have a variety of products available to help control many types of alge from natural Barley to a stronger alge control called Alge Fix.

In stock right now beautiful Tropical Lillies and Lotus very stunning and exotic .

Check out our Aquatic Plants page for pictures and more info about aquatic plants.

Dont suffer from pond envy this year. Let our highly trained pond professionals keep your alge blooms to a minimum and your water crystal clear or have our design team come in and make your pond look stunning with personalized care and enhance your ponds beauty from the wide selection of pond plants we have to offer.

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This is an exciting time of the year for us.Scott leaves for Japan in mid October to select this years Koi . An added surprise this year as Scott was selected to be a judge at the famous Japanese Koi show.This year it is the 60th Commemoration Nagaoka Nishikigoi Show. We are very proud and honored to have Scott involved in such a prestigious event.

The new Koi will arrive Friday the 29th of November. They will be medicated and quarantined for 3 weeks . You are welcome to come and select your Koi at that time but they must stay here until we release them with a clean bill of health.